Everything you need to know before a newborn photo session:

I will bring my own props to your shoot… bowls, baskets, blankets, hats and headbands. Just let me know if you have your own props that you would like to be included in your newborn session too. It can make for some really special and memorable images if you include some objects that are special to your family. Please let me know of your ideas, props or poses that you have in mind before the day of your session. That way I can make sure I have everything we need to make your ideas happen!

Be Patient! Newborn sessions can last anywhere from 1-2 hours. Every baby is different, every day is different, and every session is different. I never rush a newborn session. There is no rush. During your session, I may have stop a couple times for you to feed the baby, soothe them, change them, or just take a break to breathe. Don’t get frustrated if baby doesn’t cooperate like you hoped and isn’t sleeping very well…we’ll get some beautiful shots with eyes wide open. Newborn sessions are a waiting game. I will get the shots we need, so don’t stress.