How To Prepare For Maternity Portrait Session

First of all: Congratulations on fact that you are expecting a new baby! It’s an exciting time for you and your partner and I am pleased that you have found me! This is a special time of your life. Time of joy, love and excitement which should be captured and recorded for days to come. Many women often regret missing out their maternity portraits and not having these beautiful and precious images to remind them of the love and passion they had for their babies before their birth.

And since you are reading this guide now, you most likely have already decided to have a pregnancy portrait session. I understand that this could be a daunting task which many women face for a first time. Lots of questions: When? Where? What to bring? What to wear?

To help you with the preparation and be familiar with what to expect, I have this how-to guide for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Best time to have your session 28-34 weeks

Maternity Photosession approximately 30-60 minutes of shooting time.

I book limited amount of sessions monthly to ensure the highest quality of work. Please book your session early! For newborn session it is recommended to book during your second trimester or early in your third trimester to guarantee your spot.

No unedited images will be released under any circumstance.